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In the US, line editing is sometimes interchangeable with developmental editing and is concerned with creative content and style. Do I need a proofreader if I’ve already worked with an editor? Whilst a developmental editor may pick up small inaccuracies, this editorial phase is generally approached with the knowledge that a separate edit will address minutiae.

A copyeditor prays to whatever manual of style they personally believe in (and yes, there is more than one religion).

Your developmental editor will not focus solely on mistakes in spelling or formatting.

Xodo PDF Reader & Editor. In-depth editing for PDF files. FastStone Capture.

Image viewer, editor and screen capture.

Your eyes can’t pick up inconsistencies as easily under fluorescent lighting. Spend a half-hour a month reviewing grammar rules. Read something else between edits.

This helps clear your head of what you expect to read and allows you to read what really is on the page.

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So it’s the copyeditor who is the one responsible for catching typos and small inconsistencies and factual errors. Not the editor. But before you go and amend the complaint to “What was the COPYeditor doing,” here’s how this process works (actual process may vary, but this is one example).

Below, you’ll learn how to: Add a document.

Not their job!

Navigate to the document you want to edit (note: invalid items are still displayed in the file picker, but are faded) Click on the document to load it. And voilà! Office will load the document, and from there you are free to edit the file without hassle.

If you have autosave enabled in your Office app, the file will automatically save and update when you are finished editing. You also have the option to «Save As», which will prompt you to fill in a filename and select a save location, where you will be presented with the same location options that you were given when first opening the file for editing.

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